40 Real Ways To Earn Money Online

Who says money is hard to make? Too many people hold onto this limiting belief! That’s one of the reasons they’re not successful as online business owners. Cast it out! Making money is fun and easy!

The following 40 strategies are real ways to earn money online. Clearly, there are an infinite number of ways to do this, but I’ll leave the rest up to you to think up creatively. I highly recommend writing your own list of 100 ways how to make money. This will dramatically change your mindset about money. Trust me!

  1. Create a website package for clients and charge monthly for support and hosting instead of an upfront fee. If you aren’t skilled in websites, then outsource the work on oDesk.com, Fiverr.com, or any other outsourcing websites.
  2. Get your outsourcers to manage & post content daily for clients to Instagram, FB page, Twitter, or Youtube, and charge a fixed monthly fee. Batch and schedule the content at the beginning of the month for near full automation.
  3. Create unique iPhone or Android apps by outsourcing the programming and then sell the single license as ready to sell on iTunes or Google Play. Have people bid on them for maximum profits. You could easily sell a ready to sell iPhone or Android app for $5000+
  4. Create unique niche blogs with traffic by optimizing your SEO and sell them on flippa.com for a profit.
  5. Brand PLR (public label rights) products into high quality packages and sell them on your website or to your email list.
  6. Offer a premium monthly paid newsletters with valuable tips, information and resources.
  7. Create an e-book (or outsource it) and sell it on your website, clickbank marketplace, Amazon, or iBooks.
  8. Sell easy-to-fulfil quickly-done services on Fiverr.com and upsell customers with ‘gig extras’.
  9. Build an email list by giving away an e-book, report, or other content and then sell affiliate products to them (obviously, establish a relationship with them first). Make sure to have a low-end offer on the thank you page.
  10. Sell the Public Label Rights, Resale Rights, or Master Resale Rights license to a product.
  11. Sell lower priced items and dropship them at a higher price. For example, buy on amazon and sell on eBay.
  12. Create a membership site based on a specific niche and charge monthly.
  13. Create a DVD or CD of the month program where you interview one expert a month and send it out to your members who pay you monthly.
  14. Do an educational webinar on a topic yourself and then promote a product at the end.
  15. Interview experts in a specific niche and then create an audio program to sell to your list.
  16. Convert this audio program into an ebook, or physical home study course to market as additional products or use as upsells.
  17. Join a reputable network marketing company to build a downline and make recurring income by building your team and network.
  18. Offer coaching calls in your field of expertise and charge $200+ per hour.
  19. Put together a presentation, organize a seminar, and charge admission. Film the whole thing and you have a product ready to be sold as a DVD.
  20. Sell business services to local businesses at premium price and outsource the work to Fiverr.com for massive profits.
  21. Contact youtube users with videos of massive number of views and ask them if you can post a link there in exchange for a monthly fee or a favor. You can choose a relevant affiliate product that fits that niche.
  22. If you are good with a particular software on your computer you can create educational ‘screencasts’ with Camtasia or ScreenFlow and create a sellable course.
  23. Join niche Facebook groups and establish yourself as an expert by helping the people there and answering any questions. Then you can refer them to valuable products (affiliate links) and earn commissions.
  24. Write reviews or do video reviews on different products or books and then refer them to the website with your affiliate link.
  25. Rent a list of addresses in a target niche and send them a special offer for a home study course that they can mail in to receive. Direct mail is powerful and can be very lucrative.
  26. Blog daily (SEO friendly articles) to attract organic traffic from google and other search engines and include links to affiliate products or your own products.
  27. Create a membership site and charge monthly for ongoing content additions, webinars and other content.
  28. Have your outsourcers do research & write e-books for your clients and charge $2000+ per e-book.
  29. Organize an online webinar event with 5-10 experts who speak on a particular topic. Sell a product (or the recording of the entire webinar) at the end, pay the experts a flat-fee for their time, and make profit with the leftover amount. You can also do a JV (joint venture), where you organize the event, and split any profits with the experts.
  30. Guest post on other people’s blogs to drive traffic to an affiliate product or your own product. Contact them and ask them if they would be willing to have you post content for them.
  31. Outsource programmers to create useful WordPress plugins and sell them to online business owners.
  32. Get targeted Facebook or Twitter followers for clients as a service. Upsell them to a larger package, say – 10,000 followers or likes.
  33. Source several PLR graphic packs together and make a “Mega-Pack” to sell to graphic designers and internet marketers.
  34. Create a dynamic document generator (legal, letters, correspondence, etc) and charge monthly to use the service.
  35. Network with product distributors and become a distributor for an in-demand product. Automate the processes by outsourcing and setting up smart systems. Scale up.
  36. Get addresses from newly formed companies in your city from your government portal and then mail out a relevant offer to them, such as a website package.
  37. Hand out business cards with a special offer on the back to like-minded people at networking events or interest groups. Ask them to join your newsletter or mailing list as well. Direct marketing is free and powerful.
  38. Create an online community in a specific niche using a forum, facebook groups, or another platform. Help members and offer them solutions (including products).
  39. Create a free podcast on iTunes and market your products and services on there in addition to providing excellent content and value.
  40. Sell stock photography, music, video, and other intellectual property on various stock websites for passive income.

If you liked this guide on all the real ways to earn money online, then feel free to leave a comment below and add your own suggestions as well!