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Thrive Headline OptimizerHeadlines, to a large extent, will determine your success in internet marketing. If your headline sucks, why would your readers want to read on? Even if you have amazing content, it’s pretty much useless unless you can get them to read it and then take action to apply it in their life. That’s what the Thrive Headline Optimizer will help you do.

The purpose of a headline is to grab the attention of your potential reader and get them to read the next line of your article, post, or sales letter.

If you’ve ever heard of the Pareto principle or “80/20” principle, which states that 80% of your results comes from 20% of the input, and vice versa: only 20% of your results will come from 80% of the input. Your headline is that 20% that will give you 80% of the results you desire.

Ok, so you could gamble and try to come up with a headline you think will be a hit, but you’ll never know for sure, unless you test, test, and test!

But that can be tedious and take time, and you don’t have the patience for that, right? Well I invite you to open your imagination for a second…

Imagine letting an automated plugin choose the best headline for you based on what your audience is craving to read. Think how that could change your readership and conversion rates!

Well, I have good news. Now you can with the new Thrive Headline Optimizer for WordPress. You can grab your copy here (yes it’s an affiliate link).

Here’s how Thrive Headline Optimizer works:

  1. You enter as many headline variations as you want for your pages, posts or products
  2. You let the plugin do all the heavy lifting by cycling through the variations
  3. You check the stats and let the optimizer automatically select a winner

So simple, right? It’s A/B split testing at a headline level which will save you tons of time and get you way more engagement than ever before.

Is there a catch? Well here’s the thing – you still need to know how to write amazing headlines, so I’m going to let you in on some badass headline writing secrets. Here goes:

Curiousity Killed The Cat

Instilling curiosity in your readers is a powerful influencer. People can’t resist finding out something that is itching them in the back of their head. I’ll give you an example: “Discover this little-known forest plant that can mend your wounds in 60 seconds or less”. Now I have you wondering what that plant is, right? By the way, I made it up 😉

Play On Emotions To Influence

People buy mostly on emotion and justify their purchases with reason later. Yes, most people are driven helplessly by their emotions. You can ethically help someone solve a solution that they know they need, but leveraging this fact and creating headlines that evoke a strong emotion.

Remember, people’s behaviour are driven by two things: Getting away from Pain and going towards Pleasure. Pain is much more motivating than pleasure, so you can use Fear, Frustration, and other powerful negative emotions to get people to pay attention to your message.

I’ll give you another example: “5 Snacks You May Be Eating Could Lead To Cancer”. Shocking, right? Immediately, your mind is like ‘what are those 5 things? I gotta find out to protect myself from this!’.

Be Specific & Time Bound For A More Powerful Effect

Instead of being vague, be specific because it will appeal much more to your audience. For example, would you rather know “Some Basketball Tips To Get You Winning More” or “7 Basketball Tips To Increase Your Winnings By 50%”?

Obviously the second one, right? People want to know what they’re getting before they invest time into reading an article or downloading a free optin offer. It’s human nature – we resist the unknown.

Ask And They Will Be Sold

Questions are THE most powerful tools you can use to persuade someone or control the conversation, even just in their heads. Your mind is hard-wired to answer any and all questions you are exposed to, whether it’s out loud, in your mind, or at a subconscious level. You can their power by using the Thrive Headline Optimizer to split test a headline with and without a question.

As Anthony Robbins, one of the most popular success coaches says “The quality of your questions will determine the quality of your life”. I can twist that slightly and say “the quality of your questions, determine the number of sales you get”.

The goal of asking a question is to steer your reader into a certain train of thought. It will get them thinking about whatever you are trying to get them to think about.

Here’s an example: “What Would You Do With 257% Increase In Sales?”

If you’re in my target market of entrepreneurs, immediately, your mind would have started thinking of all the things you could do if you had that kind of boost in conversion rates. See what I mean?

If you ask the right questions, your prospects will literally sell themselves on your product or service. How would you like that? (I bet you thought “Yes!”)

Be Benefit Driven

Beginner marketers can get confused with the difference between features and benefits. Features is what a product or service is or has. A benefit is something that your product or service can do for your customer. Who cares how many gigabytes an iPhone has – your customer wants to know how many songs they can carry in their pocket.

The more benefit driven your headlines are, the more likely your potential readers will continue reading.

There you have it, I’ve given you some valuable knowledge on how to create powerful headlines, so now it’s your turn. Grab your copy of the Thrive Headline Optimizer now and start increasing your conversion rates and sales today. It’s super simple and you’ll be ready to rock in only a few minutes from now.

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