Top 8 IFTTT Recipes To Automate Routine Tasks

IFTTT or If This, Then That is an automation service which links different cloud services together based on a trigger and action.

Here are 8 of my favourite IFTTT Recipes:

  1. Send Facebook Page Status Messages To Twitter
  2. Post Your Instagram Photos As Native Twitter Photos
  3. WordPress Blog Post Automatically Posts To Your Facebook Page
  4. Facebook Profile Photo Changes Your Twitter Profile Photo When Updated
  5. WordPress Blog Post Automatically Posts To Your Twitter Profile
  6. Your Email Attachments Are Automatically Saved To Your Dropbox
  7. Dropbox Files Automatically Save To Google Drive
  8. Facebook Page Messages Automatically Post On LinkedIn Profile

Automation is all about networks, systems that don’t require your input to operate. Once you’ve set them up, they work on autopilot. That’s the beauty with IFTTT – it links different services together in useful ways to save you from having to do it manually or outsource it.

IFTTTThere are two types of recipes: DO and IF recipes. DO acts like a one-way trigger to create your own personalized button, camera, or notepad on your mobile device. IF allows you to link different services together.

With 185 channels to choose from, IFTTT will give you unlimited creativity to create the automatic workflows that works hard for you 24/7.

I’ve used IFTTT to alert me when I enter in a certain zone on the map. I could have also have it email someone automatically when I enter a building. With smart devices, you could have it turn on your lights when you get home or arrive at your office, turn on other devices, send you a video if there is movement in your room (motion sensor), and countless other cool configurations. The possibilities are endless!

From a social media marketing perspective, you can easily leverage your effort and expand your reach without any extra ongoing work. Just create a few recipes and you’re set to go!

What are your favourite recipes? Comment below…

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