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Hi, Gabriel Both here! Yes, I'm a multi-talented guy, with a ton of skills and knowledge across many areas.

I look forward to share my digital marketing & online experience with you, along with powerful mindset principles & tools to master business, marketing & sales, and also reach the highest success in all areas of your life.

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Companies Owned & Operated by Gabriel:

Inspired Freedom Group
Elemental Edge Digital Agency
Human Design Media

About Gabriel

Gabriel Both has 15+ years of combined online experience, which includes digital marketing, technical & creative design, and deep knowledge in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). With his passion of Personal Development & Psychology, as well as spiritual & heart-focused approach to life, helps people see solutions even in the most difficult of business challenges.

Author of a YouTube Marketing Book

Gabriel is the author of "How To Make $100,000 Per Year Thanks To YouTube" which has sold thousands of copies worldwide. In this book he interviews 9 top YouTubers who share their secrets to achieve success through video marketing on YouTube. A must-read!

Jagir r. Customer

This book is a killer!

I've been looking at ways to make money from YouTube for a while. Read some stuff online and read a few books but nothing really clicked (pun intended). But this book lays it all out. A lot of value. It is literally a one stop shop for anyone who wants to make money from YouTube. Highly recommended!

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