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About Gabriel

Gabriel Both has 15+ years of combined online experience, which includes digital marketing, technical & creative design, and deep knowledge in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). With his passion of Personal Development & Psychology, as well as spiritual & heart-focused approach to life, helps people see solutions even in the most difficult of business challenges.

Author of a YouTube Marketing Book

Gabriel is the author of "How To Make $100,000 Per Year Thanks To YouTube" which has sold thousands of copies worldwide. In this book he interviews 9 top YouTubers who share their secrets to achieve success through video marketing on YouTube. A must-read!

Jagir r. Customer

"This book is a killer!"

I've been looking at ways to make money from YouTube for a while. Read some stuff online and read a few books but nothing really clicked (pun intended). But this book lays it all out. A lot of value. It is literally a one stop shop for anyone who wants to make money from YouTube. Highly recommended!

Joe BArnes Customer

"My favourite part was the interviews"

I have a YouTube channel with close to 600 subscribers and I found this book really useful. There's was plenty of information for me to action and the interviews with successful YouTubers were really helpful.

Overall, it's a fantastic resource. Not only does the author provide sound advice and entertaining examples, there are a ton of useful links so you can follow up on his suggestions. The information on SEO was great and explained, what is for me, a difficult to understand subject in a way that I can take some of the author's tips and apply them.

My favourite part was the interviews. He's gathered some great examples and walked you through the steps to growing your audience. I've finished the book feeling reinvigorated in my commitment to make more videos.

Amazon Customer | Verified

"I did not expect so much information"

Amazing book, I did not expect so much information. It helped my channel a lot. Highly recommended!

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