7 Reasons Why I Moved Back To London, UK

Yes, I’m back in London. Some of my friends think I’m crazy, but I don’t care. Honestly, I prefer to be in a city which not only has vast (and seemingly endless) opportunities to connect and grow than being in a small town that stagnates over time.

Although I’m a nature person at heart, being in London allows me to make connections with like-minded individuals all over the world, easily, and in one place.

In this article I will share with you my reasons why I really like London and choose to live here for the time being.

Firstly, with 12+ million people in one city, the ability to find niche groups and meetups with likeminded people is easy. Suddenly, finding conscious people to chillout with and talk about great ideas is accessible.

Secondly, connecting with potential clients and business partners is much better because there are a lot more startups, businesses, and successful folks in this city than any other place in the UK. Trust me, I tried for 1.5 years in Birmingham (1.2M people) but it was very difficult. Plus, nobody there seemed to have or want to spend good money.

Thirdly, I must admit, I do like the prestige value of the city. Similar to wearing brand-name clothing, it’s a city that everyone knows. “Oh, you live in London? Wow!”. Yeah, there’s a nice feeling that comes with living in the capital, let alone one of the biggest cities in Europe.

Fourth, I feel more European than Canadian (probably because of my German heritage) and like the rich culture and class of European lifestyle. It’s chic and it’s just my kind of vibe. I love Canada too, but it’s not the same.

Fifth, when it comes to travelling in Europe, it’s cheap, especially when you’re living close to one of Europe’s largest hubs. You can buy a plane ticket to Spain that’s cheaper than a train ticket to the Midlands. I love travelling, and it’s awesome how you can just fly somewhere so easily and inexpensively.

Sixth, I have my companies based here, which also gives an enhanced brand image and trust for international business. Plus it’s really easy to set up and do business here. Like to form a limited company can cost as low as £15 (less than a meal) and on the next day, you can have a business bank account up and running in minutes. Boom! No wasting time on bureaucracy of unnecessary paperweights.

Seventh, if you’re single then the massive selections of potential dates is mind boggling. In fact it’s a bit overwhelming, but the cool thing is you can go really nice and find your tribe of people you resonate with.

There’s probably a lot more reasons, but these are the ones that come to mind first. So I’ll end for today in saying that if you haven’t visited here, definitely make sure you do. It’s a great city, and perhaps we can meet here for a nice coffee. Adios!

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