June 11

Miso Robotics – Robotic Automation for Restaurants

I've been following Miso Robotics for quite some time ever since I stumbled across them via a newsletter, and I was absolutely intrigued.

I'm a huge fan of automation and robotics, so seeing these robots in action cooking perfect food every time, was incredible.

I'm writing this purely as a way for me to collect interesting tech ideas and innovations over time, that you also may find fascinating.

I've posted their latest mini-series on YouTube below, featuring Miso Robotics' CEO Mike Bell, talking about the future of robots and showing a few of the robots in action.

Note: I'm in no way affiliated with this brand, I'm purely sharing it because I find it exciting to see what's in store for the future of automation in food tech.

Episode 1 of 4

Episode 2 of 4

Episode 3 of 4

Episode 4 of 4


Miso Robotics

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