Jim Carrey – Motivational Speech for 2018

One of my best friends sent a motivational video of Jim Carrey to me the other day. I’ve listened through it a few times, and I’ve gotta say, there are some really deep truths in his message. In fact, it’s so easy to skim over and think “I know that” or “I’ve heard that”, that the depth of it remains hidden.

I love his story of manifesting his $10 million after writing himself a check from the universe years before. The truth is, we can have, do, and be anything we want. We just have to believe it, feel good about it now, and think about it all of the time. That’s how simple it is. The challenging part is applying it, when you’re just starting to learn about these techniques.

When I think about my own life over the years, I can definitely say this is true. All of the things I’ve thought about with intensity over a period of time and really believed I already had, came to me. And you know the interesting thing? When they came to me, it didn’t even excite me! Why? Because it was already a part of my reality I created in my mind before the physical manifestation appeared!

I remember in the summer of 2017 after doing intense mindset exercises daily and nightly, I won a £5,000 mentoring and course package. I wasn’t even surprised, I in fact expected it. And it happened!

When I didn’t apply these techniques, environmental conditioning and people I associated with started subconsciously affecting my vibration and my reality started shifting to match those thoughts and feelings. It’s so simple to understand now!

Einstein said: “You can’t solve a problem at the level of mind that created it”. Basically, you can’t overcome the problems in your current reality if you keep on thinking and feeling the exact same way. But when you raise your vibration, change your thoughts and focus on what you want – consistently – then the problems you had will dissolve and a new reality will shift into place. Magical, right? That’s life!

I invite you to watch this powerful video and watch it daily if you can. Watching it once is OK, but the more you watch it, the more it will imprint its vibration on your mind and you’ll start to think and feel these positive thoughts.

Enjoy! Much love,


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