March 21

Mindset Programming — Top 3 Tips To Recondition Your Mind For Whatever You Want


Your mind is the most powerful energy transmitting device that you can ever imagine. The energy that is being projected out into the world from your brain affects everything it travels through. This energy stays at the same level no matter what the distance.

The nature of the thoughts that you give attention and energy to, determines the frequency sent out. Like energy attracts like energy, so whatever your most predominant thought patterns and emotions you emit, these are the type of situations and circumstances you will attract into your life.

The question is, how do you “rewire” your brain to create consistent & powerful energy signals that will create the life you want?

If you haven’t read my previous post about the four basic concepts to achieving success, then in that audio series, Kevin goes deeper into how this all works, but for now, I will attempt to give you some ideas you can start implementing to start programming and reconditioning your mind.

Since you have been born, you’ve been conditioned with someone else’s beliefs, behaviours, emotional patterns and other psychological imprints that go deep into the subconscious mind. These run on autopilot like computer software programs, mostly without your conscious awareness.

There are so many external influences that are vying for your attention to rewire your brain for their interests. The TV programs, movies, news articles, radio, music, watered-down books, and the list goes on and on…

If you’re not aware of what is actually happening here and don’t consciously change your past programming on a consistent basis or have your own habitual routine for doing so, then you are literally a slave to the system. You are virtually being programmed with the belief systems that make you behave a certain way. Don’t believe me? I’m not asking you to, I invite you to find out for yourself…

Look, the truth is, your mind creates your reality. Let’s break it down, so you understand how:

Thoughts → Emotions → Beliefs →|→ Actions → Behaviours/Habits → Results

Everything starts with your thoughts. Actually, to expand, everything starts with the thoughts you FOCUS on. Where focus goes, energy flows, and results show. When you give thoughts attention, you charge them up with energy, creating emotions. These thoughts and emotions eventually create beliefs. These are all part of your invisible world — inside of you.

Here’s an important thing to understand about beliefs. Think about them as coloured filters that you look at your reality through. They tint the reality into your subjective perspective. Beliefs are thought patterns that determine the actions that you take. Actions you take on a consistent basis form behaviours and habits. These create your results.

Now, there’s another layer to this, and it gets metaphysical. The thoughts and energy that you emit into the universe will influence everyone and everything that vibrate at similar or same frequencies. The universe will literally rearrange things to create situations that will further reinforce your predominant state of mind and feeling. For example, a thought could be triggered in another person’s mind by your energy that makes them feel they need to walk over to you, say hi, and introduce you to one of their contacts that could eventually get you what you visualised over and over again.

OK, so we could go deeper, but let’s get into some actionable tips for you, shall we?

1. Charge Your Words and Affirmations with FEELING

This is one of the things I did not do for many years, because I didn’t realise the importance of this part. Feeling or emotion is the energy and vibration you infuse your words with. You need to feel positive when saying affirmations. They need to make you feel the way you want to feel as if you already have what you are affirming.

For example, if your affirmation is “I easily attract prosperous opportunities to me, everywhere I go”, then you need to feel as if you are already have attracted an amazing prosperous opportunity to you. Or if your affirmation is “I earn £5,000 per month”, then you need to FEEL as if you already have £5,000 in your bank account right NOW! If you can’t feel it or don’t believe it, then it won’t work…

2. Believe 100% You Already Have What You Want

There is no such thing as the past and future. Everything happens in the eternal now. That’s why when you want to attract something into your life, you need to believe you already have it right now. Use your feeling, your visualisation, your imagination to convince yourself 100% that you already have it. When your mind is convinced and you literally expect it to be in your life right now, then when it physically manifests, you will not be surprised because you already had it in your mental reality.

How do you increase your belief? There are many ways, but the concept is to build up from small goals that you believe 100% and then work your way up. Other ways include writing down with pen and paper 100 ways why it’s possible you can have XYZ in your life right now. Look for reasons why. If you come up with excuses, challenge them, poke holes into them with counterexamples.

Do you believe you can get a free coffee today? Yes? Great, now you can manifest it! Do you believe 100% you can make $1,000 in 24 hours? No?! Well then start with something smaller so you can start building positive reinforcement in your manifesting ability. What about $300 in 24 hours? Yes?! Great, then you can!

Remember, Henry Ford said, “Whether you believe you can, or you believe you can’t, either way, you are right!”. What do you want to believe? Obviously, something that can improve your life, right?! Of course. Belief is built with time, the same as with trust. So start where you are and find ways to strengthen it.

3. Think About What You Want, Consistently!

Another important concept is consistency. How often do you do your mindset conditioning and think (feel!) what you want? Consistency is important because it will shape things into form. A good analogy illustrates this: Imagine a drop of water on a bed of sandstone. One drop won’t make much of a difference, but one drop every hour for months and months can start carving that bed into a stream and eventually a river.

Remind yourself to do your daily mindset programming. Put a reminder on your phone. Be disciplined! Choose only a few different affirmations and not too many. It’s better a few affirmations repeated many times, over a long period of time than too many kinds, less often.

I think that’s a good start, focus on the fundamentals and take action. I’ll leave you with this thought: Do you want to build or live someone else’s dream, or create your own? You know the answer, and you know now what to do...


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