March 21

15 Money Affirmations To Supercharge Your Abundance & Wealth


Money. What feelings and images does that bring up for you?

Is it happiness, freedom, joy, or positivity? Or is it stress, anger, frustration, jealousy, shame, stress, or negativity?

It all depends on your relationship with money. The people who have a lot of abundance and wealth in their life usually have a positive relationship with money and have associated positive feelings with it.

But those people who are stuck in the lack & scarcity mentality, feeling bad about money, will push it out of their lives as soon as it comes in. That’s why they stay broke and keep feeling unsatisfied.

The sad truth is that most people have a negative relationship with money. But that can be all changed with a simple decision to heal your relationship with the energy that is money.

Money is not good or evil. It is neutral energy that we taint with our mind and paint meanings over it based on past experiences and beliefs we’ve held onto.

You can start changing your relationship with money by firstly, identifying your limiting beliefs around it, challenging them, and replacing them with new empowering associations.

I cover this in the Mindset Magnetics™ 5 Step Belief Elimination Process in the first week of the 8-week MMBA program (1st week is free).

This is when affirmations come in as a powerful tool to reinforce your new money beliefs so they start taking root in your subconscious mind and start yielding fruits in your life. Here are a few to start with:

  • I choose to heal my relationship with money, starting now
  • I forgive myself for disrespecting money in the past
  • Money is energy and I deserve more of it in my life
  • I choose to make peace with my past experiences with money
  • Money is an amazing tool to help me reach my dreams
  • I honour the power of money and what it can do for me
  • Thank you for all of the money in my life right now
  • Thank you for all of the abundance in my life right now
  • Thank you for all of the wealth in my life right now
  • Money flows to me more and more every day
  • Love is energy and money is energy, it comes from the same source
  • Money is part of me and I am a part of money; Money and I are one
  • I deserve to receive money in exchange for the value I share with others
  • Money comes to me easily and effortlessly from all directions
  • Money is my friend, and I choose to embrace it into my life with open arms

Feel free to create your own money affirmation statements, in whatever way that feels right for you. You can use the affirmation track creator to quickly and easily create your own unique affirmation tracks that you can listen to daily, to program your mind for success.

Remember, it can take time to heal past wounds, release emotions, and forgive yourself and others for past actions. Go easy on yourself and give yourself the time and space you need to make the gradual shift into a new money mindset.

I believe in you and know you can do it! You have everything you need inside yourself right now to change. Just take the first step.


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