Mindset Magnetics™ Business Accelerator 8-Week Program

In everything in your life, including your business, your mindset ultimately determines your results and limits you depending on your inner subconscious blueprint of thoughts, beliefs, and emotions. Without changing your mindset first, it will be extremely difficult and take you so much longer to achieve business success than if the root causes were removed, allowing prosperity & success to flow into your life in miraculous ways that you never thought were possible. A successful business; a profitable business which thrives - first starts with a successful mindset.

Program Overview

In this 8-week group coaching program, you will learn powerful principles and tools to tap into the potential of your mind and start unlocking your inner genius and success that were there all along, but remained hidden by years of conditioning, emotional blocks, and limiting beliefs. It's time to release your limitations and unlock abundance in your business. Are you ready to make the change?

Who Is This Program For?

This program is specifically for people who see that thoughts are the primary cause of all results in life. Your desire is to build a successful business that gives you the lifestyle that you want, however, you feel like in some or many ways you haven't achieved that yet.

If you have not yet started a business, maybe you're feeling:

  • Fear that you may not succeed or end up losing a lot of money or time if you get started with business
  • Confusion as to HOW to get started and what next steps to take
  • A lack of confidence within yourself as to your value and what you can offer
  • "Not good enough" or a need for things to be perfect before you start

If you are already in business, maybe you're feeling:

  • Frustrated that you seem to always be making similar mistakes and bad decisions that end up costing you unnecessary money and time
  • Disappointed that your business hasn't reached the success you envisioned yet, after all this time
  • Discouraged that things aren't working out even though you are working harder, but feeling more stressed, unfulfilled and losing hope

This Program is Perfect For You If You Are:

  • An entrepreneur, startup founder, existing business owner, or freelancer
  • Still an employee but dying to start a business to leave the 9-5 or job that you hate
  • Were an employee and just left your job to start your business but feel stuck or discouraged

"Your Sessions Which Already Had a Massive Impact on My Inner Development..."

"Gabriel is an extremely dedicated person with a professional approach and attitude. Gabriel's qualities are well reflected in his unique course, which I can honestly say is life-changing. It provides a great insight into in-depth knowledge, which is presented in a very accessible and exciting way. It almost feels as if everything you need to further your career, build a successful business, or simply live a happy life is contained in several easy to follow sessions.

Gabriel has a lot of passion and I have definitely felt it during the course. The amount of knowledge Gabriel is conveying during his sessions might be a little overwhelming but that proves how thorough and detailed Gabriel's course is. I've had this great opportunity of listening to Gabriel's recorded sessions on several occasions and each time I've discovered something else.

Gabriel - thank you ever so much for making this available to me.
It was a great pleasure listening to"

- Luiza T.

What Will You Get Out of This Program?

There are many benefits to joining and participating in this program, but here are the main ones that you'll be able to gain as a result of your investment into it:

  • Feel a lot more confident within yourself about your ability to achieve your business goals & dreams
  • Identify and release limiting beliefs & patterns to break free from "glass ceiling" business results
  • Be able to tackle larger challenges in life and business which before, seemed too overwhelming
  • Think bigger and cultivate 100% belief & certainty in the goals you set to maximize your success in achieving them
  • Start to live life on your own terms and recreate your reality the exact ways you desire
  • Understand and apply the law of attraction in a way that actually works so you can manifest what you desire
  • Discover the unlimited possibilities of success in your life that before were hidden from your consciousness
  • Have access to powerful tools and resources to break through all the blocks you want to break free of

How Does It Work?

Every week for 8 weeks, a new video module will be released which will cover specific topics and include exercises to start shifting your mindset and vibration to a more empowering one, where your business can start to thrive. You'll have life-time access to all previous modules and also post your questions and share insights in our private Facebook group with other students.

8-Week Program Curriculum

The outline below will give you a general guide and idea of what to expect over the course of the program. It will go into more detail and specificity so you get the most out of it and give you concrete exercises to do during that week to move you forward. During each week we'll also be exploring two new principles in the Law of Success book by Napoleon Hill and how you can start applying it in your life on a daily basis.

Week 1 - Increase Your Awareness

We start with setting the intentions for this program and what you want to get out of it, then start by bringing awareness to your current blocks and limiting beliefs. We also start learning about how the universe & your mind works energetically so you understand more powerful principles and concepts covered later in the program.

Week 2 - Dive Deeper Inside Your Mind

During this week we go deeper within yourself to start looking at past experiences (including from childhood) that shaped you and your patterns and beliefs around money and business so you can start to change your mindset and shift your energy. You'll also start releasing these so new energetic space is created to create new possibilities.

Week 3 - Reprogram Your Mind For Success

This is an exciting week where you will start the process of reprogramming your mind with new beliefs, emotions, and perspectives so that you can start shifting your vibration to a higher frequency and align yourself to your goals, vision, and who you want to become.

Week 4 - Redefine Yourself & Your Future

It's time to redefine who you want to become and how you want to shape your future. This includes your habits, values, and what drives you. It's also about diving into the strengths you have and what skills you want to refine and develop moving forward. How do you want to feel on a daily basis, what kind of lifestyle do you want to live on a daily basis?

Week 5 - Goals & Vision Building

You'll now get the chance to define in detail and clarity your long term & short term goals as well as create your vision for your future and set your chief aims in the sweet spot for maximum manifesting success in your business. You'll also be creating a visual representation of these to program your mind and help you tune in with the feeling every day.

Week 6 - Aligned Action & Accountability (Part I)

This is the part where you take massive aligned actions and be held accountable by the group members and the program coach to start attracting your business results, goals and vision into your reality.

Week 7 - Aligned Action & Accountability (Part II)

This is another week of aligned action and accountability so you can overcome any challenges or additional blocks that may have surfaced during the previous week.

Week 8 - Keep The Momentum Going

Finally, we come to the final week where you'll define your action steps moving forward, keep taking action, and answer any outstanding questions you have about the previous 7 weeks of the program. You'll now be in a way more empowered and free state to create the business of your dreams.

How Do I Start?

Since this is a self-directed home-study course, it starts whenever you are ready to start transforming your life. As soon as you register, the first week will be unlocked and you'll be able to start immediately.

Every week, a new set of videos are released, so you can go at a pace that gives you time to implement the exercises and work through any challenges that come up.

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"What I Learned is How Many More Powerful Mindset Techniques Are Available"

"Before starting Mindset Magnetics I thought I knew techniques, but what I learned is how many more powerful mindset techniques are available and HUGE game changers in moving forward. I learned HOW to actually apply them in my business and in my life. When you LEARN the techniques and learn HOW to apply them you will start seeing the shift - I did! It works!"

- Monique Cassis

Gabriel Both Mindset Magnetics Creator

About Gabriel

Gabriel Both was born and raised in Canada and discovered personal development in 2009 which started to open his mind to the limitless opportunities in life & success. Soon after he graduated with his Computer Science Undergrad degree, he moved to London, United Kingdom and started a new life.

His journey throughout his life shaped his character and made him learn important lessons to gain valuable experience so he can help others overcome similar challenges. From heart-breaks that took years to heal to being broke to the point where he was struggling to pay bills, to quitting his job permanently and building a successful digital marketing agency with clients across the globe, while healing his relationship with his parents and discovering his passion in life, the growth is never-ending.

When Gabriel was 21 years old he had a scary experience which took him over a year to recover from. He fell into depression and adrenal fatigue which challenged him in many ways. During this dark time in his life, he decided to quit alcohol for life and more importantly, discovered his spiritual path which started to transform him deeply by powerful regular meditation practices and spiritual wisdom.

After over many years of being an entrepreneur & business owner while continuing with developing his mindset, Gabriel realised his passion was in teaching and helping others discover & realise their untapped potential within themselves and their business through life-transforming mindset methods and applying fundamental laws of the universe to tap into the power we all have access to.

That's why he founded Mindset Magnetics™ as a platform to be able to share his experiences as well as the knowledge & wisdom of other people who are living proof of what they teach.