The Ultimate Exercise For Resourcefulness

My millionaire mentor always said to me: “your greatest resource is your resourcefulness”. I knew that statement was true, but I didn’t know how powerful it was until I applied it in my own life.

In anything and everything you do in life, you will face challenges. There will be setbacks, and things outside of your control. Sucks right? Well it’s all about perspective. What if that thing that you think is negative actually is something that can become your greatest asset? What if it’s there to make you stronger? It’s your choice to decide that.

In this post I’m going to be sharing with you a simple yet powerful way that you can tap into unlimited solutions for any problem by exercising your innate resourcefulness and creativity within.

Before we begin with the simple (yet often challenging) exercise, I want to first cover why you have it within you right now to overcome whatever you are facing right now. You may not believe me (that’s fine) but hear me out…

You possess one of the most valuable gifts of the universe that no other living being, except human beings, has – imagination and creativity. Before you roll your jaded eyes, keep an open mind.

We live in a universe made of duality – light and dark, good and evil, hot and cold, and so on. That means for every problem there already exists one or more solutions. You may not be aware of them yet, but they exist – in the ether, or Cosmic Mind.

Think about this – before the Wright Brothers discovered flight, was there already a solution available in the universe. They didn’t know it yet, but once they aligned their minds through scientific testing and discovery, they “discovered” it.

Same with before humans landed on the moon, even though centuries before people thought it was impossible, there was already solutions how it could be done. It simply needed to be made aware by tuning into that idea.

So now back to you – how do you come up with solutions to a problem? My mentor taught me a simple but powerful exercise that taps into your creativity and problem-solving parts of your mind.

It’s call the “100 Ways How” exercise. This is how it works:

At the top of a piece of paper or blank page in a notebook, write out your problem or goal. Then underneath, write “100 Ways How I Can Solve/Achieve This”.

Now start brainstorming some ideas on how you can solve it. If nothing comes to mind, think more; concentrate; focus. When you focus and concentrate your mind, you tap into deeper parts of your unconscious and start to attract thoughts in the ether that resonate with your dominant thought.

There will be a point where you are about to give up – maybe after 10 or 20 solutions. DON’T STOP! KEEP GOING! This is your brain trying to keep you where you are. You’ve got to push past this and keep coming up with ideas until you reach 100.

If it takes you a few days to do this exercise, then so be it, but never give up. What will happen is your brain will become more efficient and effective at coming up with solutions to problems and you’ll become more creative as well. You’ll start seeing solutions when everyone else around you is saying it’s impossible or “too hard”. You will be the pioneer in the crowd of naysayers.

Once you’ve reached 100 ways how to solve the problem, have a look over your list and review it. Circle some of the most convincing solutions that draw your attention as the best possible candidates.

Guaranteed at least one of these will be the solution to the problem, or at worst – lead you to the next step where you’ll discover the solution.

Are you ready to crush your obstacles? Then start the exercise and let me know how it goes. It’s not for the feint of heart – it’s only for serious souls who are ready to change their life. But chances are you are already this kind of person if you’ve read this far, so pat yourself on the back for that.

Let’s do this!

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