Why You Need To Publish a Book

OK, so not everyone has the desire to publish a book. However, if you feel like you want to share your knowledge and experience, then you have an opportunity to reap many benefits. Let’s go into some of the top reasons why you need to publish a book (even if you’ve been delaying it for years!):

You Can Change People’s Lives

Have you ever read a book that’s changed the course of your life? Even if it subtly steered your mindset in a new direction? If you did, you already have experienced the power a book can have in changing your own life. Now imagine if you shared your knowledge and experience with other people and impacted them in the same way! The ripple effect would be infinite. That fact alone would be motivating enough to get your book out there and in people’s hands.

Deepen Your Own Understanding

When you write a book and put your ideas and knowledge on paper (digital or physical), you will really get to see how well you know it. When you share information, it helps you to learn it at an even deeper level and by the time you’ve completed your book, you will have a new level of understanding that will be definitely deeper than before.

Writing forces you to draw upon your creative resources within, synthesise information, and break concepts down into easy to understand parts so new-comers are able to learn easily and efficiently.

“Everything should be as simple as it can be, but not simpler”

– Einstein

Position Yourself as an Expert

Writing a book takes effort and can require a lot of work and time. That’s why very few people do it. When you publish your own book, you are perceived as an expert of the topic you wrote about. A book gives you credibility that you can leverage to build trust with your readers and create a relationship with them. This can be further leveraged when you lead them to the next steps in helping them along their journey by offering them products or services later in the marketing funnel.

If you thought “I’m not an expert”, you actually are, but you haven’t given yourself credit for it. How? An expert is simply a person who knows a little bit more than the target audience they are helping. For example, a person who knows how to play the piano is an expert compared to a person who does not know how to play piano. Simple right? You don’t have to be Mozart or a rocket scientist to call yourself an expert. Learn to value the knowledge and experience you already have and find a group of people who don’t know what you know already.

Make Room For New Knowledge

Ever found it tough to learn something new when your mind was full of things it just needed to get out? I think you know what I mean…

When you crystallise your thoughts on paper, you subconsciously give your brain the signal that it doesn’t have to mull it around anymore in your conscious mind. It’s similar to when you know you have 20 things to do today and these thoughts keep bouncing around in your mind, causing you stress and takes your focus away from the present moment. However, when you write those 20 things down on paper, then all of a sudden you don’t have to “remember” them because they are readily accessible with a quick glance.

Once you’ve dumped your knowledge on a specific topic into a book, then you may feel more focused and motivated to dive into learning a new area you’d like to tackle for your next book!

Learn a Lot More Than You Thought

This ties into the previous benefit of deepening your understanding, but slightly different. There’s a lot we don’t know. In fact most of the knowledge out there, we don’t know that we don’t know. When we start writing our book, we start to realise there are gaps in our knowledge that needs to be filled. That will force you to do some more research and learning, opening your mind to even more. Who knows, maybe it will lead you down a rabbit hole where you realise you have to restructure your whole book based on the new information you integrated.

Learn To Respect Other Authors

Finally, once you finish publishing your first book, you’ll start to appreciate much more how much work it actually takes to do this. Next time you pick up to read someone else’s book, you know it probably took them hundreds of hours to put it together, let alone the lifetime of experience and knowledge they had to acquire to come to share these golden nuggets with you.

Why Delay?

If you haven’t written or published your book, what are you waiting for? Time is ticking, life is short. It doesn’t have to be perfect. It’s better to share imperfectly than not share at all. It’s better to touch some people’s lives than none at all. Throw every excuse out the window of your mind. Ignore the constant dialogue within your head that tells you bullshit lies like “I’m not good enough”, “I’m not an expert”, “why would someone listen to me?” and on and on…

You are worthy! You are valuable! Own it! Just do it, get into action and get it out there.

If you need help with editing, cover design, formatting, and publishing your manuscript, I recommend Inspired Freedom Publishing, a brand I founded to help conscious individuals spread their message through various formats.

Until next time, peace.

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