March 21

Video Marketing Blaster — How It Helped Me To Make Thousands in Passive Income on YouTube

Chances are you already have heard of video marketing blaster, and are looking to see if it’s actually effective to getting first page YouTube rankings.

That’s exactly the same questions I had in my mind when I was doing my research before making the decision to buy it.

Full Disclosure: There may be a few affiliate links in this post which means if you choose to purchase the product(s), I will get a commission from the sales. This does not cost you any more, and I’m purely sharing these products because I found them to be useful and helpful to me. Past performance doesn’t guarantee future results.

During the time, I was actually writing my book How To Make $100,000 Per Year Thanks To YouTube, and I decided to interview the co-founders of the company, Stoica and Vlad. I was so impressed with what they had created that I not only included the interview as a chapter in the book, but I also decided to put the software to the test and see the results with my own eyes. Here’s what I found…

You Can Do It Manually, But It Will Take You Too Long

After reverse-engineering the results of tens of thousands of videos on YouTube, Stoica and Vlad were able to see patterns in the factors that contributed to high video rankings. After testing these over time, they were able to reverse-engineer the YouTube algorithm with high accuracy, and then built software to actually allow others to easily and quickly optimize videos for maximum results.

The tool allows you to find the most easy to rank keywords and instantly, within seconds generate possible titles, descriptions, and tags that should be used as a starting point for highest relevancy and success.

For example, I found that “how to write content for website” had 350 monthly searches and very low competition. So I generated the details using video marketing blaster and created the video.

Within days, it was already ranking in #1 position, and since then has racked up over 193K views, mostly from organic search on YouTube.

how to write content for your website video view stats

2.6K views per month on autopilot, every single month. Not bad!

video ranking above neil patel's video

It even ranks higher than SEO guru, Neil Patel’s, video!

It Takes Less Than a Few Minutes To Create Highly Relevant Video Meta Details

It’s important once you’ve generated the details using VMB to actually edit the text so it flows naturally and in complete sentences, otherwise it will look and reach rubbish. You want to naturally incorporate the words and sentences that video marketing blaster provides, into your own paragraphs.

Yes, it takes time, but that ensures your content will be unique and relevant at the same time.

Total time? I’d say to optimize a video correctly, give yourself 10–15 minutes tops. That’s it!

Ultimately, You Need To Learn YouTube Marketing

Having a tool like video marketing blaster is great, but you still need to know how to market your video on YouTube and create engaging titles, eye-catching thumbnails, and videos that make you want to watch them to the end.

That’s why I created a few mini courses to get you started, and a special 50% code you can use, exclusive to Medium (“Medium50”):

and if you want the ultimate course with over 90 lessons spanning 9+ hours of video, you’d like my flagship course How To Make $100,000 Per Year Thanks To YouTube.


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