January 10

Where Are You Looking For Your Happiness?


Happiness. It’s what every human is desperately looking for every day. You want more of it, right? Of course! Because it’s what makes you feel alive! But can you honestly say right now you are truly happy? If the answer is no, then maybe you’re looking in the wrong place…

I just want to be clear — I’m not claiming I know all the answers, but what I can say is, from my own experience, I’ve realised that I haven’t found real happiness outside of myself — and never will! Yes, this post is going to get deep… so read on if you want to know how you can finally find happiness without continuing to experience the suffering you’ve already been through.

I’ve been deluded many times in my life trying to unconsciously seek happiness in physical and emotional things like alcohol, sex, money, and hundreds of other things. I believed that if I could just become “successful” one day, I would be finally happy. If I could made a million dollars, I would be set! But would these things ever make me happy? No! I might experience some temporary pleasure, satisfaction, and peace, but that’s not true happiness…

Through my spiritual searching in my early twenties, I began learning about personal development, meditation, and yoga. I started to read books that guided me on a path that helped me to realise, that actually — happiness can only be found within.

You ARE Happiness!

The reason why happiness can never be found outside of yourself, is because you are happiness. What do I mean? You are not your body, not your thoughts, not anything you think you are, but the pure, ever-living, and conscious soul that is itself love, joy and happiness.

When you seek happiness outside of yourself, you are essentially looking for it in a place it cannot exist. It’s like looking for water in the desert, when you already are living within the oasis, with a deep well, filled with endless fresh water.

How Do You Tap Into Your Own Happiness?

So now that you’ve saved yourself endless suffering by realising you need to start looking within, how do you actually get started? How do you actually feel that happiness within?

Aha! If only it was that easy… The problem is throughout your life you’ve built up a lot of mental & emotional patterns that aren’t always the most beneficial and steer you off course. Let’s keep this super simple, shall we? The most effective way ever to start your journey inside, is to begin meditating.

When you start meditation, it can be difficult, but don’t get discouraged. At first your mind will be so busy with racing thoughts. You might feel restless, uncomfortable, bored, or so many other distractions that will try to keep you away from your meditation practice. You must be a warrior and “fight” through these roadblocks to reach deeper levels.

If you’re able to establish a solid meditation practice and consistent habit, it may take you many years before you start to even feel a little bit of calmness or peace. This is the first stage.

When you’re able to go deeper and expand the duration of these windows of peace, you might begin to experience a little bit of joy. You’re beginning to have glimpses of your essence of your soul. The deeper you go, the more and more happiness you’ll be able to experience. There’s no limit!

Are You Willing To Change?

The simple question right now is are you willing to change? Are you willing to do what it takes to find that happiness within? Or will you go for the easy route of going back to temporary sense pleasures that will only lead to disillusionment and unhappiness?

It’s your choice! There’s a reason why saints around the world have dedicated their entire lives to seek happiness within. Remember this: A saint is a sinner who never gave up!


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