Direct Response Copywriting

Sales Page Copywriting

  • Writing high-impact & high-conversion sales pages from scratch for various target markets & industries
  • Deep research and analysis of buyer personas & audience needs, fears, anxieties, pains, and desires
  • Crafting engaging, conversational & story-driven copy that keeps readers glued to the page & get them to take action
  • Sifting through existing customer testimonials & feedback to highlight exceptional results and outcomes that demonstrate product benefits

Blog Article Copywriting

  • Research & write highly informative and valuable articles that build reader trust and lead them to the next steps of the marketing funnel
  • Complete thorough competitor research & advanced keyword research to determine content that already performs and how to make it even better, while implementing primary and secondary keywords for SEO
  • Answering the most burning customer questions which overcome objections and fears while building trust and desire to learn more

Search Engine Optimization

Technical SEO

  • Comprehensive keyword research which dives deep into the search intent of the target audience while considering real-world demand through search data
  • Advanced technical website audit to spot existing bottlenecks which are limiting or damaging SEO performance on the website
  • Fixing technical SEO issues that were found, which includes website speed, sitemaps, duplicate content, SSL, metadata, and more
  • International SEO configuration for multiple languages and locations so the right localized results show up in the correct search engines

SEO Content

  • Create SEO content strategies that fulfil gaps in the competitors' content and provide valuable information for in-demand & relevant keyword phrases
  • Optimize articles and pages for the primary keyword as well as using LSI keywords to increase context for search engines
  • Ensuring interlinking and anchor texts are natural and relevant and that link equity is passed around optimally throughout the website structure
  • Design the most relevant site structure based on the initial keyword research to create well-structured content silos

Off-Site SEO

  • Organizing a blogger outreach team to strategically secure high quality backlinks from relevant and authoritative websites
  • Collaborate with partners to produce high quality content for their websites to build additional exposure and links back to the websites

WordPress Websites

Configuration & Setup

  • Installing, configuring, and setting up WordPress websites which are secure and configured according to purpose of use
  • Designing beautiful layouts and page structures using Thrive Architect and Thrive Theme Builder
  • Plugin installation & configuration of essential WP plugins needed for redirects, security, and common tasks required for functioning sites

Video Production


  • Filming high quality video using 4K Panasonic video cameras
  • Setting up 3-point lighting in a studio
  • Configuring microphones & sound setup for high quality audio


  • Adobe Premiere Pro video editing moderate experience
  • Final Cut Pro X video editing advanced experience
  • Adobe After Effects video editing basic experience
  • Basic knowledge of colour-correction & enhancement
  • Using Audacity and other audio software to optimize audio quality

Other Video Experience

  • Producing, Filming, and Editing over 20+ video courses with over 30+ hours of completed video content
  • Multi-camera plus screencast recording for course lesson creation
  • Event filming, including B-Roll for promotional videos