January 10

The Miracles of Healing The Inner Child Within


What happens when you leave your experiences as a child — especially the very emotionally charged ones and the unconscious decisions and beliefs we made when we were young — unresolved, as an adult?

Nope — this isn’t a trick question! In short, it causes havoc, suffering, and repeated patterns of experiences over and over again in your life that manifest according to those emotions and beliefs locked away in your body memory and heart.

What would Einstein say? Ah yes… the wise words of “a problem cannot be solved by the same mind that created it“. So what’s the solution to ‘breaking free’ from these glass-ceilings of limitations in your life?

No, it isn’t trying to DO something new. It’s not about getting into a new job, relationship, trying a new diet, or seeking out a myriad of other external distractions that give you false hopes of a different future. NO! It’s much more simple and basic than that — a solution that you probably were running away from your whole life and don’t want to hear, but deep inside you know that it is the truth and that it’s gonna be damn painful and uncomfortable to face… healing your inner child.

I first realized the importance of this inner healing work in 2016, after I had a very painful breakup with one of my biggest loves. The spring and summer of that year, I knew intellectually (from the previous 4 years of personal development knowledge I had studied), that in order for me to truly change and attract different circumstances and realities in my life — I had to change within myself first — not just by reading or going to seminars, but I’m talking about deep mindset shifts and removing & releasing unconscious emotions & wounds from the past, and learning how to truly love and accept myself.

Little did I know I was going to be on the cusp of major growth and development the next few years, that would lead me to deeper into my inner journey of understanding myself and unleashing more of my inner potential that was locked away for most of my life.

I’m not going to go into the details of what happened between then and now in this post as it could cover a book’s worth of material, but all I can say is that it made me really realize how powerful this inner energy healing really was and how the shifts directly impacted my external reality in so many positive ways.

I remember having an inner child healing session with Duke Sayer in 2017, a man I really respect to this day and who helped me make some big shifts in my life through his Conscious Man Club that he founded in London. Although the “Man Club” only lasted about 8 months or so, through the regular meetings I have made lifelong friends, 2nd and 3rd degree friendships around the world, and most importantly, started to transform into a more mature man.

I remember my first session with Duke — his ability to help me tap into a specific emotional block that stemmed from my childhood which had been blocking me for ages from more money, confidence, relationships, and many other things in my life — was incredible.

He helped me to release these emotions, the process which was so intense it made my hands numb with the energy release and had me cry harder than I had since I was a kid. Damn that was something I’ll never forget. I realised the two most important frequencies I needed to focus on in this life were acceptance and self-worth.

Literally that week after that session, I closed my biggest ever client in my business. I KNEW for a fact it was because of the released blocks.

Another inner child healing session that was more recent was just the other day. You might wonder, why the long gap since the last one? Well — good question — my Saturn return (aka the life teacher phase) forced me to a point where it became super crystal clear that in order for me to be able to move forward in my life and allow the abundance of money, relationships, and everything good to flow into my life, I had to learn to accept, love, forgive myself 100%, including my parents. This is what had been holding up my entire existence for my entire life!

So I knew I had to take action ASAP and get right down to it — it was time to dive in deep and go ALL the way this time with my inner child healing. Not just one layer — but all the layers.

And… when the student is ready, the… healer appears. Ha! gotcha — yes the teachers too, but this time, I needed something more intense — fast-track growth that I knew exactly what needed to be done.

I was linked up by one of my really good friends in North Wales to an energy healer called Lynn (I’ll leave her surname out in case she wants to be anonymous, but do DM me if you want me to refer you).

She was one of the most intuitive healers I’ve worked with since Duke in terms of this inner child work and also resulted in one of the most intense releases I’ve had ever — more intense than Duke’s session actually, which means a LOT of emotions were released and blocks healed.

Naturally, after one of these intense sessions, I usually feel super exhausted, sometimes dizzy, and spaced out. This one was especially like that, and 2.5 hours literally felt like a flash. In any case, I feel so grateful for Lynn’s help in guiding me to the exact emotions that I needed to release. It takes some serious intuition and guidance to pinpoint the right issues and then release them in a safe, protected, nurturing, and loving way.

Let’s see what shifts in my life happen as a result of this session and the coming ones over the next few weeks. I really welcome even more growth and expansion into my life as I’m completely ready to move forward now.

What are you doing to heal your inner child within? What you put in is what you get out. Simple as that — it’s like the gym — but an inner emotional gym — which gives (in my opinion) — so much more than just a chiseled body. It gives you yourself back and a new blank slate to craft your life exactly as you want it without those limiting blocks that were hidden there for decades. Are you ready to take the inner journey? Then there’s no better way than going within and no better time than now.


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