January 10

Thought Ripples Through Eternity


Everything in the universe is vibrating at a certain frequency and sends out its energy in ripples of energetic waves throughout the cosmos.

Nature is so simple — it reflects its kaleidoscopic fractal nature in all aspects including in the forms our human eyes can see. Look at what happens when you splash about in a lake — the motion or energy of your movement is sent out in ripples throughout the vast waterscape.

Since matter is a much denser form of energy, it absorbs the waves faster, so it doesn’t travel that far. But, the interesting thing is the higher the energy and vibration, the further it can travel, to the point where it transcends time and space — like with thoughts.

Thoughts are things. You’ve probably heard that phrase before. Is that really true? A thought is a form of energy — just like a physical object — but a whole lot more subtle and much much finer. Thought can create and manifest itself within more dense forms of energy (like matter) according to its specific nature (its frequency and vibrational pattern).

When you focus on a thought in your mind, you give it energy and amplify it, which sends that energy/vibration into the universe, like a ripple in the lake. That thought passes through the different layers (physical, astral, mental) of the cosmos and resonates with and attracts energies of similar vibrations. (Think of two tuning forks with the same frequency next to each other).

When two or more thought-waves are in harmony & sync with each other they create a resonance that amplifies the combined waveform and increases the overall energy. This creates a magnetic pull to attract even more thoughts that are alike. Just like a planet with a greater mass has a stronger gravitational field, so does a larger, more powerful thought field have a bigger magnetic pull to it.

So the question is — what kind of thoughts are you sending out into the universe? Do you realize that these thoughts are creating your reality? Can you start to become aware of how thought patterns over time in your life create the exact circumstances that they represent? It can be both shocking, and exciting at the same time — depending on how you want to see it.

Do you want happier and more abundant experiences in your life? Then the question is are you exuding happy and abundant thoughts on a daily basis? Are you FEELING happy and FEELING abundant on a consistent basis? Feeling (emotion — or energy in motion) charges that thought with energy to send out its vibrational pattern into the universe and attract that which it is. What are you attracting?

You have the power to change your thoughts — only you can take charge of making this happen, nobody else. It’s scary and uncomfortable because it puts 100% responsibility into your own life. No blaming. No victim games. No shying away from the raw reality of life. This is truth. Time to start living and being what you want to create in your life.


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