June 11

What is the Human Design System?


The Human Design System is a system that was channelled into this world by Ra Uru Hu in 1987 and is a synthesis of both ancient and modern sciences that gives you a simple yet effective way to enhance your life and decision making process.

You could think of it as a unique way to understand yourself and tool that can be used as a personal compass for your life.

It combines elements of systems such as astrology, the Chinese I Ching, Kabbalah, Vedic philosophy, as well as cutting-edge modern science from NASA, to create a complex yet powerful system to understand human nature.

The Human Design System uses your birth data to calculate your Human Design Chart, which is the main diagram used to 'read' multi-dimensional aspects of your personality and unconscious character.

I was personally introduced to the system in 2016 by my good friend Ben Life-Changer in London, UK and my mind was blown how incredibly accurate it was. It was like he was reading my mind and unconscious being...

My First Impressions

At first, I found it very complicated, and didn't understand much of what was on my Human Design Chart, but with the help of Ben, I was able to get some profound insights about who I am and what my purpose in this life is.

At the same time, my mind started to build resistance about this system, and I gradually built up a wall of skepticism around it, feeling that it conflicted with my spiritual path and beliefs. So I disconnected from it for over 4 years.

Meanwhile, my friend Ben kept banging on about it, to the point where I couldn't ignore the invitation any longer...

The Re-Embracement

In 2021, I was talking to my partner about Ben and how he was crazy about this system called Human Design. She was immediately interested and wanted to know more, wondering why I wasn't into it anymore. I shrugged and said it just wasn't the right timing, and it felt incompatible with my beliefs... but then I had the thought, was it actually? Or was it my mind resisting the fact that IF I embrace this system, my ego as I know it will change or even die?

I decided to give it another try, and scheduled a couples reading with Ben, who generously decided to give us over 90 minutes of his time to share his wisdom about our charts.

That was the day when I decided to dive deeper back into Human Design and start actually experimenting and living it, knowing that as long as I see it as just a tool and not as the ultimate ideology in my life, it can still be compatible with my spiritual beliefs and path. In fact, the more I learned about it, the more natural and transformational it became for me.

The Transformation

My partner and I started ordering all the popular Human Design books we could get our hands on and I delved into deep study.

Things started to make sense more and more, as powerful insights and aha moments shifted my perception of how I can better align with my innate being as a Projector Type.

I was not surprised to learn that my partner and I are both 5/1 Emotional Projectors, which explains how compatible and perfect we are for each other.

Since then, I started to do readings for friends, family, and others, while founding Human Design Media LTD and developing the first ever audio de-conditioning tool, called Divine Nature Affirmations Alignment Audios, or D.N.A. Alignment Audios for short (DNA3 for ultra short).

The Future

I continue to deepen my understanding of Human Design, layer by layer, as I gain deeper insight about this profound system. It's not for everyone because one has to be ready to be open to it, but those who are, it can change their life like it has mine already.

For the latest Human Design products that I have created, make sure to check out Human Design Media


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