June 11

Farm Bot – Drag & Drop Automated Home Farming

Imagine if you could grow vegetables in your garden, without actually doing any work? Well, when I came across this product many years ago, I was a believer, because Farm Bot is actually doing it - and it's also open source!

With a game-like interface, you can literally drag & drop plants where you want to grow them, and their robots plant, water, and weed the growing patch without any intervention. All you need is one of their kits, a planter bed, electricity, water, and internet.

Coming in 4 configurations, depending on the size you need and how assembled it comes, the Farm Bot allows for various planting needs.

The website quotes that "Both FarmBot Express and Genesis can grow all of the veggies needed by one person, continuously, for less cost after 2 years than shopping at the average US grocery store. Our XL bots can serve a family of four with an ROI period as short as 1 year."

They even have a yield chart to see how much of each vegetable it grows and they break down the ROI as well so you can see how much you'll be saving on food costs year-round! Best of all, they are also environmentally conscious, showing the carbon footprint of the robot, so you can know the impact you're having on the earth.

Setting up with the Express models takes as fast as one hour, the company claims, and the intuitive sequence editor allows you to completely customize the way your FarmBot operates, no coding required!

Honestly, check out their website, they have a load of interesting information about their innovative products. I'll definitely be getting one (or a few!) of these once I settle down somewhere.

Note: I'm in no way affiliated with this brand, I'm purely sharing it because I find it exciting to see what's in store for the future of automation in food tech.


Farm Bot

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