March 21

Who Do You Listen To?


Who do you listen to? This is one of the most important questions you will ask yourself throughout your lifetime and will ultimately determine your success and happiness. It will fundamentally shape who you are as a person and mould your mind and reality. It's one of the 4 basic fundamentals of success that Kevin Trudeau shares in his "Your Wish Is Your Command" program.

Why Is This Important?

Before we go into the “who” of the question, we need to understand why is this question so important to ask in the first place. Whenever you’re learning something new, there are two ways you can gain information or knowledge:

  1. Through your own life by direct experience
  2. By listening to and learning from others

Think of your brain as a supercomputer (it’s much much more!). And the software that runs on that hardware is your mind — and the knowledge and information you feed it are the instructions that you give it.

Your output (results in life) can only produce quality results if you feed it quality information or input. Therefore, to ensure that you get the best output possible, isn’t it important to be aware of what you put into your mind?

Of course, it is!

Most “Facts” Are Just Opinions

Now here’s another distinction that is vitally important to understand. Most so-called “facts” that are shared by others are merely (at best!) their own opinions. That means most “facts” aren’t even facts or rooted in reality or truth. They are simply someone else’s opinion about what they think the truth is or what they want the truth to be.

We’ll use food as an analogy throughout this to understand the concepts.

If a stranger puts a plate of food in front of you, wouldn’t you want to know what it is before eating it? Wouldn’t you want to know where it came from and who made it?

Of course, you would! How do you know it’s not poisoned? How do you know it’s not what it looks like? What is the intention of the person serving it to you?

This is what should be done with ALL information coming your way.

Information is the building block for the decisions you make in your life, which determines your end results. So in order to build the best life possible — in finances, health, relationships, and all areas of life — wouldn’t it make sense to find the truest and the best information out there?

To bake the ultimate chocolate cake, there’s a specific method to follow in order and a certain ratio and type of ingredients needed to create that cake. If the recipe is altered or even the slightest bit off from the true recipe, the cake won’t taste or end up the same.

So it is with life — get false information and make wrong decisions that lead to unwanted results. Get true information and make the right decisions that lead to your intended outcome.

With so much information out there on the internet, in the media, from governments, and “authority” figures, it’s more important than ever to question who do I listen to?

The Untrustworthy “Credible” News Company

Let’s break down an example to understand why it’s not necessarily wise to trust a so-called “trusted” authority:

Let’s take a fictional new corporation. We’ll call it LMD News — standing for Lies, Misinformation, and Distraction LOL!

LMD News owns a hundred other news portals and companies, all of which ‘appear’ independent and unique — but still controlled and censored by LMD. LMD is owned by shareholders which have certain interests and agendas for the society and the economy, so what kind of information and messages that gets put out to its network will be obviously biased.

Now, one of those companies let’s call it BNC for Big News Corporation — has been around for ages and is the biggest in the industry. It has government affiliations yet it’s still privately owned.

Now imagine you — turning on the TV or going to the BNC website to get the latest news. You trust it simply based on the fact that it’s been around a while, it’s the biggest, and the government gives it the thumbs up. But still — how do you know the information you get isn’t filtered through a certain perception that LMD wants its viewers to adopt?

Get To The Roots and Ask

You’ve got to go to the roots and ask — what are the motives of the LMD shareholders? Who are they as people? Why are they censoring certain messages and pushing other narratives, giving a biased view on certain topics and events? Why do they point fingers and label things as “fake news” from other sources — how do they know it’s not real? What gives them the right to say some information is “fake” over another?

People hundreds of years ago thought the earth was flat and everyone who said the earth was round was labelled a lunatic, or in modern words, the information would have been a “conspiracy theory” or “fake news”. Yet hundreds of years later, we found that the earth was indeed round.

Question everything and everyone. Dig deep to really find out whether the information and messages you are getting is for your highest benefit and true, based on real evidence and facts that haven’t been tampered with.

Because this information will be the raw materials you’ll be basing your assumptions and decisions on, which if false, creates a fake and skewed world view of reality and results in failure.

Are you ready to step up with the courage to ask yourself who do I listen to?

Because if you do, your whole life can change!

Who Do You Listen To?

So who DO you listen to? Listen to people who have been where you are now and are where you want to be. Listen to people who truly have your best interests in mind and never a hidden agenda which is for their own gain. Listen to people who are intelligent, base their information on real facts and untampered scientific evidence, and who have a good heart, with a foundation of spiritual and ethical principles.

Shut off the mass media. Do your own research from independent non-biased sources, and don’t believe everything everyone says. Use your heart and intuition because that is the truest form of identifying the truth from the lies.

To develop your intuition, the best and fastest way is through meditation. Yes, that’s right — that’s it. The more people meditate in the world, the more clearly they will see through the BS and the world and their lives will start to shift in incredibly positive ways.

Now is the time to start. Who do you listen to?


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